Stephen F. Burke

Stephen F. Burke

Representing Citizens with Firearms Permit Difficulties in Western Massachusetts

Defending The 2nd Amendment!

Serving all of Western Massachusetts including Springfield, Agawam, Westfield, Longmeadow, Holyoke, Chicopee, Northampton, Belchertown, Granby, Deerfield and Greenfield.

For a free case analysis, call Attorney Burke at 413-331-0537

A free case analysis consists of about 5-10 questions from me to you to determine if I can help you. A substantial amount of free information is available on this website as well as necessary forms. Don’t be afraid to read the Frequently Asked Questions section. That is why it is there.

Legal Consultation

An initial legal consultation by telephone is available for $100.00. The consultation can last for a half hour or until your concerns have been addressed. During the consultation, I will answer all your questions and review any documents you may send me. They can be sent to me at If I don’t have an answer at that moment, I will call you back when I do. By the same token, the information gained in the consultation will be specific to your situation and will be useful and necessary if my services are engaged.

In order to make your telephone consultation the most cost effective experience available. I strongly recommend that you furnish me with a copy of your CORI and LTC/FID license history. Request forms for CORI and LTC/FID license history can be accessed by clicking the Required Forms icon on this website.

This information is absolutely necessary to conduct a proper analysis of your situation. Remember, whatever you know or think you know about your situation, I know less and will need to know a lot more in order to accurately identify your problem.